Orthogonal Research and Education Lab (OREL) is a distributed collection of researchers committed to interdisciplinary research and Open Science, emphasizing awareness of underpinning philosophy within disciplines and societal impact of advances in AI and other technologies. With projects spanning computer science, cognitive science, and cognitive science & psychology, we foster collaboration and communication across diverse fields of study alongside development as researchers and science communicators.

We have current and forthcoming openings for Fall 2021 - Spring 2022 for both undergraduate and advanced researchers. Technical areas include machine learning, artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, agent based modeling, informatics, and computational biology & neuroscience. Non-technical needs involve crafting literature reviews, annotated bibliographies, and crafting curricula around specific needs across the lab.

Note: All opportunities at OREL are remote. Meeting with supervisors or research teams are coordinated as necessary - openness to working with a diverse team across timezones is a plus!

For all current opportunities at OREL, please see our Open Positions Page.